Not Your Fault, by Cheyanne Young

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Not Your Fault, by Cheyanne Young

Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Romance

Rating: 4/5 stars

Goodreads Summary: Delaney has a job she loves and a boyfriend who loves her. Working the night shift at a local gym has given her buns of steel and enough endorphins to deal with the ninth anniversary of her brother's death. When a new owner takes over the gym, Delaney's forgotten past comes somersaulting back at her. Kris Payne isn't just her new boss, he's her ex-boyfriend from high school and he's got a smile that's as cocky as he is gorgeous. 

Delaney has no business being attracted to the womanizing, muscular man from her past. She tries to ignore his flirtatious nature, and the fact that she has a boyfriend isn't the thing she feels guilty about. In fact, being in a relationship bothers her a lot less than it should. After all, she can always ditch the boyfriend, but she can't ditch Kris' involvement in her brother's death.


  What a great contemporary novel! I've been lurking for something good like this for a while. You don't find a lot of books that are this cute and this perfect for a summer book. 

   "Wait. Kris Payne just became my boss. Somehow he got even hotter since high school."

    After reading that quote from above, that second I realized that this book is really good and it was going to be good from that moment on.

    Contemporary novels can have just the right amount of romance, or they could have too much romance which therefore makes the book even more boring because you know what to expect, blah, blah, blah. Not Your Fault had just the right amount of romance in it, and I was really happy to see what it turned into.

    I'd say that this is a contemporary romance, but there was a backstory behind it which made it even more interesting and the romance helped the main protagonist, Delaney, get through the troubles of her past. 

    It made me laugh to read about how Delaney described her ex, Andrew was it? How she loved that he snuggled her like a teddy bear. xD I felt that Kris in the end was a much better match for her even though he had something to do with Delaney's brother's tragic death. He was such a cute guy that would do anything for his girl. <3 

   It's cute to read about a strong romance like this, but at times it's boring just to read about perfect romance, which this book had. Most contemporaries have some obstacle in the middle of the book, but I found that this one didn't, and the good romance began to blemish away and got boring. I wish that some rivalry or something would've occurred. 

   I'm looking forward to reading more of Cheyanne Young's books.

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