Dying To Know You, by Aidan Chambers

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Dying To Know You, by Aidan Chambers

Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Romance

Rating: 1.5/5 stars

Goodreads Summary: With Dying to Know You, award-winning author Aidan Chambers has created an indelible portrait of a young man discovering his own voice in the world, and has constructed a story that is as much about the artistic mind as it is the heart.
In this contemporary love story, a teenage boy named Karl enlists a famous writer to help him impress his girlfriend, Fiorella. She has asked him to write her a letter in which he reveals his true self. But Karl isn’t convinced he’s good enough with words, so he tracks down Fiorella’s favourite author and begs him to take up the task. The writer reluctantly assents, on the condition that Karl agrees to a series of interviews, so that the letter will be based on an authentic portrait of Karl. The letter, though effective, has unexpected consequences for Karl, Fiorella, and the writer.


    What the heck am I reading. That's exactly what I was going through by the time I finished this book. I'm still wondering, why? Why did I want to finish this book so badly, instead of putting it down, throwing it across the room, and stomp on it? One word- yearning.

     I purchased this book because I was craving for something beautiful and wondrous, and that something was bookish romance. What's more cuter than two bookworms and writers falling in love with each other? Nothing, almost nothing. And that's what I wanted, and was looking for the whole entire two hours when reading this book, and I got none of that- except a good character development of Karl. That's just about it- oh and a pretty well written ending. 

     The plot started off fast- too fast for an ordinary contemporary-romance. I didn't get any information about the characters- their pasts, past-exes and all that. I felt like I was watching glue dripping out of a bottle, and that's far more entertaining than this, because you're looking forward to something.

      A little later, everything turned out to be extremely boring and slow, back to the glue dripping idea, and that's the way the rest of the book stayed. I was in a very good mood, so I was being nice with this book and gave it too many chances, but I was never satisfied by the end. Glue, honey, maple syrup, I was watching a whole freakin' grocery store worth of substances dripping, and that's not really fun, if you're asking me.

      The romance was another disgusting element. There was basically NO LOVE. O_o I didn't feel any sparks fly, zero. It was like Karl and Fiorella were acquaintances the whole entire time, I mean, when they "were together as a couple." No difference, broken up or "together." Where was that ultra-passionate gorgeous kiss that showed feelings? Where were the "I love you's?" Zero, nada. 


       That's exactly what I felt their relationship was like. Adventure Time gifs rule, by the way. :')

        Now to the somewhat positive part of this book that this get that .5 greatness. Characters, specifically Karl's super jump in development. Karl was a bad character, I really got to admit that. He is not relatable in any way, he's flimsy, clumsy and awkward, haha. I mean, that's probably what the author was trying to get at, but I saw no sign of humour or greatness in him, at least until the end. He made a huge jump in how well he improved as a person and a person who is more capable of showing his feelings, by the end. And I'm proud of him for that.

      Other than that, the characters were unlikeable. I hated Fiorella, so so so much. Why do all female characters have to be so ew-ish lately? Mia from Zac and Mia, and now this one? Ugh. I really wouldn't like to talk about this one, but let me give you a brief two-world recap. Go away. I don't like you. Okay, maybe that's five words, but it's the truth. If you're a strict character judger like myself, then you won't like this freak either, even if she's a writer and reader. She expects too much from a guy and expects him to change for her, for the way she would want him to be, and then basically leaves him and wants even more the next time. It's just disgusting to read about. A character like this better go and stay away from all books, now. 

       I overall think that this was a huge disappointment. Of course, I buy books that I believe I enjoy and possibly will adore, and then I'm left totally stumped. That's sad to feel. :(


  1. Thanks for sharing. Doesn't quite sound like the book for me but that's okay. Maybe a different one will catch my eye.


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