Anime Review: Pupa

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Okay. What. Was. This.

   This anime was absolutely hideous. A gory horror anime WITH 12 EPISODES 5 MINUTES LONG EACH?! No, no. They just ruined the whole anime. 

    I really recommend reading the manga. That was absolutely amazing. But don't even have your eyes go near this. I loved the manga so much, that I'm like, "OMG THERE'S AN ANIME? THIS IS GOING TO BE AMAZING." No, no, no. It's more of a: "THIS IS GOING TO RUIN MY LIFE!" sort of situation.


          Okay. The main problem was the ending. WTF?!!!! What the heck was the episode? A carnival one about how Yume got her flower in her hair? There was NO ENDING, well not really in the manga either. I actually didn't know the manga ended, I thought they were on break, LOL. So, it's really weird how the two ended up, but the anime's ending was utterly disgusting. Ew. Moving on...

           They took so many parts of the manga out. I don't understand, why make this a 3 minute long anime? (Taking out the opening and ending songs which also were hideous) It could've been so much better but they decided to make it worse. There should've been no anime at all of this in the first place. Ugh!!

           This really sucked. In the beginning it was okay, but by episode 6 or 7, I was almost going to quit it, but I decided to keep on going to see what they would do with it in the end. And plus, it's only 3 minutes every Thursday, what harm could it do? =_=


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