K is for... Keep Holding On

Saturday, 12 April 2014

  Amazing, amazing, amazing! Keep Holding On is definitely added to my 'favourites' section! 

  I have the new paperback edition, with a much stunning look than the hardcover edition. I love the motto, is love worth taking a risk? Before I read this, I believed that it is, worth taking a risk, if you believe that it is. It's so beautiful! The heart on the guy's hand, which is probably Julian, looks so cute and modern. What can I say, I can blab and blab about the cover forever.. but then I wouldn't be able to read any books, right?

   Keep Holding On was unique, and powerful. Bullying and abuse isn't usually a concept that books have, but I love to read about people's experiences. When I read the summary of this, I was hooked right away. As I started to begin reading, I felt so, so, so bad for Noelle. She's such an astonishing heroine, and that's what she gets in life? She deserves much better things. As Noelle began to build her confidence up, and battle a bully, Carly, after a classmate, Ali committed suicide, I felt how powerful this book is, and what a marvellous author Susane Colasanti really is. I am looking forward to reading all of her novels very soon!

   Colasanti created a world full of awesome, truthful, realistic characters that I wish were real. First of all, Noelle. You go, girl! Noelle may seem insecure, but she really isn't. She fights and stands up for what she believes in, and what is right, and I felt her compassion for her best friend, and peers who enjoyed her existence. I just read Haunting Violet, by Alyxandra Harvey, and the mother in the book was disastrous, but this mother was even worse. I felt as if this was abuse, and I couldn't stand her annoyence and complaining. I was hoping that Noelle would get taken away from her instantly. I was very happy when Simon always came back with a tray of food, and got to see Noelle eat. Now that just made my day. Julian was just a heartthrob. He was so much like Noelle in a way, not stopping until he gets what he wants, and that's how I realized that they were perfect for each other. For a second, I thought that she'd end up with Simon by the end. Good for her best friend and him! 

I would recommend this for lovers of Bloom, by Elizabeth Scott.

Susane Colasanti blew me away even more than she did in Take Me There. I adore her novels so much!


  1. Nice review. Though did you mean "heart on hand" in the part about the cover? Just curious. ;-)

    1. Ahaha thanks, and for pointing that out, I wrote this late last night and I knew I should've edited this before it went out to the crowd.


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